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Winter Schnee Sport Mentales Training

 You win with brain, 

  lost between the ears. 

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rp² supports,

by taking care of yourself, the others, the given present and the possible future CHALLENGES of the time.

rp²- applications,

  • positively change everyday life,

  • provide constructive orientation and clarity

  • inspire future changes and freedom

  • inspire people and organizations to make changes

  • strengthen scientifically proven resilience ability and the coherent Elive.

rp² works,

scientifically verified by the Johannes Kepler University / Linz both in

a private and professional context.

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Mentales Training Ski Winter


Who wouldn't want to experience the fascination of skiing in a relaxed, relaxed manner and with a good portion of enjoyment during their well-deserved holiday?

Skiing is one of the most popular sports, and, in addition to the physical exercise, the overwhelming impressions of nature and the possible social experiences, it offers an important contribution to an all-round increase in well-being.

However, if skiing becomes a stress factor for various reasons, the positive sense of achievement increasingly suffers and the subjective feeling of anxiety becomes a constant companion, then it is time and makes sense to seek professional individual support.


As a Master of Science in MentalCoaching and a decades-long practicing, certified ski instructor, are the possible obstacles and blocking tumblings of the individual mind set well known to me -#SkiMental is the solution!


 - offeres proven remedy with tips & tricks for an increased, subjective well-being,

 - is based on the well-founded, mental knowledge in top-class sport,

 - assistes in the development of personal, necessary in RESILIENCE ABILITY,

 - has a long-term effect in overcoming future challenges in everyday life.

Notice:#SkiMental does not replace a ski school, but is a valuable addition when dealing with the beneficial MIND-SET in every "alpine" situation!

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