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rp² ressourcen potential optimierung
Nothing off the shelf - precise, individual, goal-oriented.


rp² offers extensive expertise with plenty professional life experience. The repertoire is a mix of long-standing international management experience, university expertise in process- and project management, in mental coaching, in burnout prevention, as well as the formative self-awareness of having exceeded personal performance limits.

If you are looking for cemented fix solutions you will nothing find here - we only offer precise, individual and goal oriented tailored programs to your needs - developed, voted and methodical mit  learing"streets" implemented.

Choose and/or combine from the following heavyweights:

  • POTENTIAL - development
    Develop employees to leaders


  • EMPOWERMENT - development
    strengthen existing leaders


  • EXPERTS - Development
    solve specific problems in a future-oriented and holistic way in terms of the organization 


    Increase resilience, boost self-confidence, develop sovereignty and ensure motivation


    The temporary assumption of a management position (sales, customer service, production, personnel development, change manager)  with the focus on problem solving and establishment of a competitive, stable Company or division structure.


rp² ressourcen potential optimierung
Vortrag Mentales Training
Lectures - for a large  audience

zielführend um ein Publikum bei Tagungen oder Kongressen firmenspezifisch einzustimmen. Mit Hypothesen, Impulsen und Erfahrungsberichten wird das Publikum zum thought stimulated. A lecture can serve as an impulse for necessary change. Active information exchange between audience and speakers enliven the topic.

Duration:60 - 90 minute blocks

Workshops Mentales Training
Workshops - for working groups

besonders gut geeignet für definierte Arbeitsgruppen mit gemeinsamen Zielsetzungen. Unter Einsatz von verschiedensten methodischen Hilfsmitteln werden Arbeitskooperationen gebildet und so results secured. The workshop process is always divided into the phases »introduce, understand, analyze, develop, coordinate, consolidate, recommend«

Duration:several half days or all day with multiple appointments

Schulung Mentales Training
Training - for training groups

Training courses serve to impart knowledge and have an informational character in order to provide clarity to a larger number of people. Subjects such as process and project management, mental strength, leadership skills, etc. that have been defined and defined in advance are conveyed to the participants. The focus is on the transfer into practice.

Duration: once or periodically  building up "short" appointments of 120-180 minutes each. 

Teambuilding Mentales Training
Team building - for groups on the way to teams

Outdoor activities are particularly well suited to experiencing current topics with new perspectives using the example of group tasks in nature. In particular, topics such as leadership, communication, mindfulness, change etc. Combine well with activities in nature. This strengthens the team and creates commitments.


Duration:ideally 1½ - 2 days with one overnight stay

Coaching Mentales Training
Coaching - for individuals

In a 1:1 setting between coachee  and coach, stressful challenges (sources of interference) are analyzed, possible solutions are worked out and the necessary internal/external resources are activated. Essential aspects are wishes, needs and abilities in order to strengthen individual self-regulation and ability to act. 


Duration:in about six to twelve appointments of 90-120 minutes each

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