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Arbeitsbuch Mentales Training

 More on the MindSet ofRespect your potential. 

rp² ressourcen potential optimierung

The healthy person - efficient, effective, productive.

The WHO definition of health (1948):

"Health is a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."


The goal:

  • Develop self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Increase resilience and resilience

  • Promote serenity and sovereignty

  • Ensure willingness to perform and competitiveness

  • conscious self-reflection with the given reality

  • sharpen holistic mindfulness


More fun and joy in the daily challenges!

Respektiere dei Potential - Handschriftlichkeit ei wichtiger Erfolgsfaktor
rp² ressourcen potential optimierung

Die Greek Stoics  - he who thinks, directs.

Thoughts are the basis of the reality we experience and are responsible for our emotional state.

The mental confrontation with the individually constructed reality determines personal behavior and experience - whether in private life, in the job or the personal experience of success.cc5.78d190_ -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Self is man- the learned way of thinking decisively decides on victory or defeat. Clear thinking and rational action are aspects of a healthy, happy life.

»It is not the things themselves that trouble people,

but the idea of things. «

(Epictetus: Handbook of Morals)

Respektiere dei Potential - Gewonnen wird im Kopf
rp² ressourcen potential optimierung

Am Limit - when everything just gets too much!

The daily pressure to perform increases, the professional and privaterequirements growand the variety of options increasingly overwhelms personal performance limits.frustration,insomnia,restlessnessand latentdepressionsare the consequence.

The daily social drivers: 

higher, stronger, faster, further - no risk, no fun!

The accelerators of our time are on the Hand: 

 Automation, optimization, digitization, globalization, industrialization, flexibility

rp² ressourcen potential optimierung

challenges - the fear  of failure.

In times of uninterrupted change and far-reaching disruptions (destruction), many people feel the same way.


Countless screws have to be turned at the same time, old structures have to be broken up and new ones built. Sometimes it gets difficult denclear view of the big pictureto uphold and theFocus on the essentialsto lay. It is never the situation itself that causes us problems, but rather our attitude towards the situation. 


Challenges often trigger fears of personal failure.Regardless of whether at work or in private life. Top-class sport shows the goal-oriented handling of challenges - Retrieve the personal performance with pinpoint accuracy - exploit the full, available potential.

Respektiere dei Potential - Gefahr, Angst, Mut - die Säulen des Lebens
rp² ressourcen potential optimierung

Performance increase  »medical cheating« - for what?

dopinga perennial favorite in elite sport. But what about your daily work and private life?

According to reportsmore than 400,000 Austrians dependent on medication. Why?

The ever-increasing pressure to perform in the struggle for conformity allows more and more peoplestimulants,Painkillers andantidepressantsgrab. A momentous, personal Decision punkto Health.

The beneficial dealing with thereality, your ownSkillsand the one to deal withchallengesyou can learn from today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

rp² ressourcen potential optimierung

Mental Training - the power of thought.

The mental confrontation with the individually constructed reality determines the personal behavior and experience - regardless of whether in private life, at work or the personal experience of success.Mental training significantly improves self-efficacyon a physical, emotional and mental level.

Scientific Studies and Evidence:

  • 2016 - currently, Placek R. - Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU)
    "Effects of mental interventions on mental health and their economic consequences"

  • 2016, Brugger M. - Danube University Krems
    "Effects of Mental Training on Wellbeing"

  • 2014, Placek, R. - University of Salzburg (Mentalcollege Bregenz)
    "Mental fitness in everyday work"
    The effect of cognitive restructuring on the professional experience and behavior pattern was examined using the example of the employees of the Vienna Palace of Justice.

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