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Pink Apple, Lila Hintergrund
Pink Apple

 Feeling stressed? 

rp² ressourcen potential optimierung
Have you reached your personal performance limit?

automation,digitalization,globalization,optimization,industrializationthese are the triggers of the times.

The job requirements are growingpressure to perform increases- your own way of thinking about it decides whether you win  or lose.

physical symptomsdue to constant stress are not uncommon.tachycardia,migraine,fatigue,insomnia,panic attacks,exhaustion,restlessnessalready belong to the basics of the rushed people.

rp² ressourcen potential optimierung
Selbstständig - Existenzkampf von Auftrag zu Auftrag

Times are getting tougher. theStruggle for existence from order to ordermore noticeable.  Customers are more annoying and increasingly rude.

Work and private life are becoming increasingly blurred. private time? Vacation? What is that?

The first physical alarm signals are noticeable. You can't go back. Missing options. How is this supposed to go on?


The motto: "Always available, always available - don't give up".

rp² ressourcen potential optimierung
Mitarbeiter - To-Do Liste wird immer länger

theTo-do list keeps getting longer. The next holiday is far away. Work is stressful increasingly. Private life falls by the wayside. No time. Everything is tedious, there is something to annoy around every corner. Everyone always wants everything and they want it right away.

If possible, work, bite through and just don't attract attention. The job market is not rosy. What else am I supposed to do?


The slogan: "It could be worse - I can do it!"

rp² ressourcen potential optimierung
Führungskraft - steigende Wachstumsziele,  laufende Einsparungsmaßnahmen

Increasing growth targets, ongoing savings measures.Profit optimization - whatever the cost. The professional goals and the personal perspective are drifting apart more and more - the mental rubber band is stretched to the breaking point - bosses who demand, employees who wish - but where are you?

Just don't show weakness! Saying "NO" doesn't work at all.

"Worklife balance" has long since ceased to be an issue. Everything is slowly becoming too much.

The slogan: "Hold on, next quarter will be better."

rp² ressourcen potential optimierung
Sportler - vor Wettkämpfen steigt die Nervosität

The training plan and nutrition are top notch. Everything always goes well during training. Nervousness increases before competitions.You can't reach your full potential in competition - too many thoughts in your head.

How nice it would be to start with a corresponding ease.
Put an end to the image of the training world champion.


Your goal:Finally give the full 100% again in competition. 

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