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(ge) StIMMUNITY - Motivation

The Ge mood of a person - motivation

Mood - Personality Trait 

Basic mood – the basic mood of a person


Who does not know her? The joyful, optimistic, melancholy or threatening mood - the basic mood - a perceptible personality trait. Mood reflects a longer-lasting emotional state of the overall physical and mental condition. As a longer-term emotional state, mood must be clearly differentiated from short-term feelings, emotions and affects. Mood is a general weather situation that "colors" our behavior and experience in the long term.

The Power of Mood  - Willpower

Never ignore a person's mood.


Mood is significantly involved in the current behavior and experience - also in the "coloring"   of experiences. Many activities in life that we choose to do can be viewed as an effort to achieve a goal of making us feel better - consciously or unconsciously. In the learning process, a conducive mood plays an essential role for the voluntary "learning/change process". Successful experiences have a positive influence on the mood and optimize or accompany the learning process productively. Inhibiting moods such as fear, sadness and those associated with the processing of personal problems have a blocking effect.

From this point of view, the control and planning of moods is a success factor in connection with life and study planning


How real is reality? 

Real is what is effective.


In one of his lectures from 1970 entitled "How real is reality" Paul Watzlawick made the connection between a person's mood and the external influences of others - Paul Watzlawick summarizes with the following quote:


It's not the things but the opinions we have about things - that affects our mood


 Blessed is the man,

when he has learned to endure

what he cannot change

and reveal with dignity

what he can't save.


give me

- the power to change the things I can change

- the serenity to accept things,
        die ich nicht ändern kann und

- the wisdom to distinguish one from the other

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