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Body and soul in dialogue

Science: A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.


For a long time in conventional medicine, the human being was seen as a functioning "static machine" - in the last few decades, the classical approach has been replaced by the holistic approach - the human being as a dynamic, individual individual in the interaction of his social relationships. Today, the holistic approach - the interaction of body and soul - is the focus of psychosomatic medicine. The approach is not new, because philosophers already suspected the connection between body and soul in ancient times. Valid research results today prove the significant connection between mental states and health as well as illness. There is no doubt about the interaction of the mechanisms of stress processing with the complex hormonal body regulation. The human body reflects a "juice bar" of emotions. Mental training is based on a holistic approach - the focus is on the appropriate emotional handling of the mostly unchanging reality - the future-oriented, solution-oriented stress management is the goal.

Simply learn mental fitness

Everyone has the opportunity to choose their happiness.


The self-reflecting person is not at the mercy of his environmental influences - ACT instead of REACT. Everyone can influence their experience/behavior in a given situation on the basis of their own "cognitive processing". With exercises, inner learned ways of thinking (dialogues) are made conscious and inhibiting thoughts are transformed into beneficial thought processes through new profitable insights . Mental training has been proven to influence constructive inner self-talk and leads to profitable feelings and behavior.

Increased well-being - better quality of life.


mentalFIT - 6-part video series

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