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Learning for life

The personality makes the difference

The personalbehaviorandExperienceis due to two dimensions according to Kurt Lewin's field theory:

  • the given environmental conditions (=reality) 

  • the learned personality traits (=socialization).


When it comes to "learning for life", the focus is on the individualpersonality in focusof attention. In this context, the question always arises:

»How can people increase their satisfaction with life in the given environment and lead a happy life?«


Whether private or professional - people withmature personality traitsowncharismaarehappierand in this way make an important contribution to your environment.

r.p²relies on a proven mix of methods based on scientific knowledgepedagogy,psychology,medicineandorganizational development.

Instead of one-off block events, the focus is on accompanied learning over a longer period of time.  In addition to classic seminar room learning, more emphasis is placed onmultipartlearning routes with"Pre Works"and"intermediate impulses"set. Ideally, "learning for life" in addition to the content orientation  also theforce of natureused - intended nature experiences anchor learning experiences  for the life.

It's all in the head!

Winning is in the mind

Stress is mostly a matter of the head. 

Inner soliloquy has a proven impact on human well-being.

Calm and safe

in stress

Understand the cause and effect of stress. Perceiving, accepting and changing everyday situations. 

Crash course leadership
Leader competencies

Having charisma is all well and good, but it's not enough. Good managers are characterized by additional competences.

Crash course leadership

rookie mistake

New managers are often overwhelmed with appointments  and to-dos from day one. There is usually no time for the "Big Picture".

Crash course leadership

Where is the journey going?

The department runs like clockwork - lean back? NO, the right time to develop a long-term strategy.

Crash course leadership
The perfect team

Efficient teams are characterized by different team roles - this is how a Team best results.

experience nature
Mountain biking 

Experience your own limits on a mountain bike, enjoy  and collect group experiences.
(Option technical topics) 

experience nature
winter sports

Experience your own possibilities with skis, snowshoes or snowboards_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d
(Option technical topics) 

experience nature
Around Vienna

Nature offers a multitude of possibilities in every season .
Experience, enjoy, learn.

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