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Colorful Chalks



Participant motives before »START«


At the beginning of each event, the participants' expectations are queried. Below is a list of the most common reasons - the focus is on individual personality development for our participants.

  • Awareness raising; quick method to minimize sudden stress

  • can switch off more easily in stressful situations; more positive thought control

  • Generally experience stress more positively, be less stressed

  • Dealing with stress: How do I put myself under less pressure with long to-do lists

  • Success seen on Freund - more balance

  • Ways to deal with stress

  • I expect tips for stress management; Ideas to influence/use d. subconscious

  • do something positive for me; memory learned; curiosity

  • expanding horizons

  • Want to do something for my mental health; interest in different methods; how do I behave in stressful situations; interpersonal behavior

  • Comparison with known mental and stress management techniques

  • Consciously look at my actual status again

  • Dealing better with topics that don't let go of you

  • Find out more about “stress” in general

  • Calmness in the case of external errors that I cannot influence

  • Emotional upper limit for topics that, in my opinion, have potential for improvement but are no longer possible due to time constraints

  • Learn about relaxation methods

  • Support to overcome stressful situations

  • More fun at work again

  • Find more energy/strength in everyday life

  • Learn to deal with pressure

  • Practical examples to reduce stress

  • Better knowledge of your own mental fitness

  • I'm currently lacking ideas for relaxation

  • Recommendation from a colleague

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