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TIME Fitness

Time - past, present, future - moments

We do not have time!

Time is life, life is time - in the past you had a lot more time - is that right?


The time is running out! Many people complain about lack of time - rushed by tasks, plans and obligations, the sense of time prevails: chronic shortage, stress and deadline pressure  - FREE time is the great wish of many.

If you have time, you have freedom for leisure, visions, ideas and wishes.

The goal: to get time under control again - to escape the feeling of hectic and inner restlessness and to find a life in relaxation and joy. Exercises suitable for everyday use and inspiring food for thought lead to a relaxed and meaningful handling of our time. So that we can make the best of her!


Are you enjoying the moment ?

If you don't have time, you have no life.


We're running out of time - we're following breathlessly. It is important to determine the rhythm of our internal clock again - to learn how to deal with your own available time again in order to make the best of it. Saladogenesis - the meaningful handling, both with our internal clock and with real time!


Caught in the Hamster Wheel -

Book/Movie Recommendation: Speed

In Search of Lost Time - Film Fritz Opitz


In his own life, director Florian Opitz has found that he basically lacks time for everything. Not only for friends and family - no matter what he decides to do - he feels his existence as the only restless hustle and bustle. He notes the modern paradox: Today we do many tasks significantly faster than previous generations, so we save time and yet we don't have time. Where has the time gone?


Three decisive events prompted Opitz to pursue this question: In Nigeria he was arrested during a research trip and put on trial for alleged conspiracy and espionage. A year later his son Anton was born. The death of his father reminded him of the finite nature of human life.


SPEED - IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME reports on the director's search for answers to the question of the meaning of our lives in modern, accelerated society. His search takes him around the world. He talks to experts and dropouts, presents alternative life and social models and tries to find suitable solutions for his own life.


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