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Eva Lang Kein Stress mit dem Stress!!!

r.p² GLUES

Knowledge creates advantages 

The offeredr.p²-Focuses are based on the one hand on the accumulated, long-standing international professional experience and on the other hand on the personal wealth of experience in dealing with private and professional challenges and crises. The motto: learn, learn, learn, explore the limits, have fun and celebrate success. The more social development moves in the direction of “stronger, higher, faster, further”, the more important SELF-AWARE and the balance between TENSE and RELAXATION become. With the Master of Science in Mental Coaching at the University of Salzburg (Cooperation Mentalcollege Bregenz), the "What makes me healthy" perspective for a fulfilled, happy life was underpinned. It is therefore not surprising that the listed rp² focal points reflect personal issues close to our hearts in dealing with the increasingly fast-paced world and the constantly growing demands. The focus is on people as a valuable resource - using existing potential profitably, eliminating sources of interference and increasing personal performance in this way.

7 pillars
of resilience
mental training
coping with stress
self worth
motivation and leadership
Experience nature

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Mental health
body and soul
in dialogue
Word cloud work in progress
team and performance
Fit for the future
Projects & Processes


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